Bruce Hilliard
Bruce Hilliard has been a Boston based pro photographer for many years. A graduate of Mass. Art and The New England School of Photography Bruce has experience in tradtion color lab work, travel photography and teaching photo-safaris in Venezuela. Over the past few decades Bruce has photographed over 1000 weddings and special events all over the United States, Bermuda and Greece as well as many more events for TV, radio, hotel and PR firms. Bruce has worked with many of Boston's news, wire services and entertainment publications, many years with The Boston Phoenix to name one. Bruce also owned and operated a 2,2oo sq ft. commercial studio in Boston for more than 10 years working with catalogue, product and portrait clients. The 2 new websites are www.brucehilliard.com and he is working on a rock music site with shots of some of the greatest musicians of our time ... Miles, Bowie, Zappa, Prince and many many more. Look for that soon!
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