Los Altos Rotary in Liberia: Days 2 & 3

The participants in the training agreed that computer-based learning is urgently needed in cities and in the countryside.

Editor's Note: Los Altos Patch is carrying the Facebook updates of Los Altos Rotarians Rich Casey and Allan Varni, as they and partner Global Strategies, using a dozen professionals, train 50  health care workers this week to prevent the spread of AIDS between mother and child.

You can get updates directly on the Los Altos Rotary Child AIDS Prevention Facebook Page and see more on the Albany-based Global Strategies for HIV Prevention Facebook Page.


Day 2, Jan. 31: 

We began the second day of training with an enthusiastic group of health care providers in small group discussions about the challenges in the field, with a focus on how to maintain a steady supply of needed medications for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV. The morning ended with a panel discussion consisting of members of the Ministry of Health, other government departments, and a representative of the Clinton Heath Care Initiative.

In the afternoon the breakout groups rotated between discussions of current information regarding diagnosis of an HIV patient, and the computer lab.

– Allan Varni

Day 3, Feb. 1:
This morning's session was packed with over 60 HIV healthcare providers! The discussion topics were Management of a Person with HIV, given by Dr. Abraham Borbor, the lead HIV doctor from JFK hospital. And, Dr. Arthur Ammann of Global Strategies International gave a talk on the current uses of antiretroviral drugs in adults and infants

After five groups of participants have been through the computer lab, ranging from healthcare assistants, nurses, nursing students to doctors, it became quite clear that using computer-based learning is the preferred method of having easy access to current information on the diagnosis and treatment for HIV. The feedback was unanimous; computer-based learning is something that is urgently needed both in the cities and in the countryside. Most also agreed that they would be able and willing to return to their place of work and use the current information that is stored on their USB Flash Drive to train their colleagues. They think this will be the best way to reach the most number of people, as quickly as possible. 

In the evening our team attended the Sinkor Rotary Club dinner meeting. The club is the host club for the project, and we were greeted by a warm and welcoming group!

Stay tuned, as there will be more pictures posted tomorrow night.

– Allan Varni


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