What to Expect From Monday Night's LASD School Board Meeting

Appointments to the Task Force on Enrollment Growth, a vote on the Educational Blueprint, an overview of the API and AYP scores, a discussion on the library's new role, are among the night's business.


Los Altos School District board of Trustees are expected to vote on possigle appointees to the Task Force on Enrollment Growth Monday.

After months of formulation, LASD appears poised for a vote in Monday's school board meeting on the Los Altos School District Educational Blueprint.  

That, a presentation on the last API and AYP scores, a visioning process for the library's new role and possible re-funding of bonds are all on the evening's agenda, among other things.

The Board is also scheduled to review and discuss the criteria they will be using to select appointees to the Task Force on Enrollment Growth. The Board will also discuss appointees and consider action to appoint up to three representatives.  Attached are the criteria the Board has discussed to date. More names of those individuals who have expressed interest in participating on the task force are still being gathered and will be shared on Monday night, according schools superintendent Jeff Baier. 

The board will discuss the process it will use to determine what to include in a facilities offer to BCS for 2013-14. 

On Oct. 16, the district held its fourth community forum to review and update the  Educational Blueprint, These include a "brainstorming of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats" facing the district as well as the updated set of annual goals and objectives.  

The API and AYP test results presentation will be made by Raquel Matteroli and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Alyssa Gallagher.

We've attached a pdf of the meeting minutes. 


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