PHOTOS: Los Altos School Board Approves Budget and Teacher Concession Deal

With cuts and revenue sources nailed down, administrators propose bringing class sizes down a notch, library hours back up, and returning art, music, library hours and PE.

The Los Altos School Board approved $750,000 in teacher concessions and a 2011-2012 budget, just in time for the state-mandated June 30 deadline Monday night.

The (LAEF) offered $2.35 million grant intended to restore teachers, library hours, class size and enrichment programs.

The $39.2 million budget will be revised to include programs that are the district  want to restore, and bring down class size to a maxmium of 24 in the elementary schools and 27 in the junior high schools.

Among those programs proposed for restoration:

  • Some library hours
  • Physical Education to Grades 4-6
  • Some instrumental and vocal music
  • The Art Docent and Living Classroom programs
  • Pre-Algebra instructors
  • Technical support at schools

The school board voted 3-2 to approve the agreement with the Los Altos Teachers Association. Teachers will pick up 30 percent of the health care contributions for their dependents and take two furlough days. The district will continue to pay for 95 percent of the teachers’ health care costs.

The 2011-2012 budget is expected to be revised throughout the year, particularly once the state budget is adopted.

A complete story will be on our website later Tuesday.

For nitty-gritty numbers: The Los Altos School District website will post the  2011-2012 budget that was approved. The LAEF has posted the details of its proposed $2.35 million grant on its website.


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