MVHS Student of the Month: Brandon Jabr

The mathematician, iPhone app creator, young investor and athlete is a well-rounded student.

Congratulations to Mountain View High School's January 2012 Student of the Month, Anthony Alvarez. The Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District designates a student each month and provides the text of this honor to Patch.

The January student of the month, Brandon Jabr, likes to solve problems. He is adept at doing so because of his inherent characteristics and attitude towards life. 

Brandon defines himself as rational, honest and pragmatic. He substantiates this claim by his academic endeavors. Brandon's favorite subject is math; he enjoys being presented with an equation and analyzing it in order to reach a solution. He can demonstrate this in Calculus BC, one of Brandon's favorite classes at Mountain View. Another course he's enjoyed is Computer Science, where he can merge some of his rationality and tech-savvy abilities. Brandon doesn't only like left-brain thinking, he is also very successful at it. Brandon has a accumulated a high GPA over his three and a half years at Mountain View and looks forward to majoring in math and biology in college next year. 

Brandon has several hobbies outside of school. Even in these extracurriculars, Brandon demonstrates his marked strengths. Ever since freshman year, Brandon and some of his friends have been creating iPhone Apps, one on which, players work on memorization by learning the order of card arrangements. The app is free on iTunes, so I highly recommend the download!

Brandon also is a leader of Mountain View's prestigious Investment Club. The club teaches students how to invest in the stock market, real estate, and overall making lots of money. They compete in marketing competitions against other school's investment clubs throughout the year. 

The senior also has a passion for soccer; he volunteers at the summer Kick Lead and Dream Program to teach and play soccer with youth.

Through all of Brandon's school work, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work, he is pragmatic and rational, while also being able to brighten the day of those around him.

For these reasons, Brandon Jabr is well loved and appreciated at Mountain View High and is presented at the January Student of the Month. 


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