MVHS Student of the Month: Anna Livia Chen

This smart and passionate young lady loves to surround herself with people who challenge and help her grow intellectually.

Congratulations to Mountain View High's May 2012 Student of the Month, Anna Livia Chen. The  designates this honor to a student from one or more of its high schools each month and provides the text of its nomination to Patch. Chen was be honored at the May 7, 2012 meeting of the Board of Trustees:

Every Student of the Month is special. However, Anna Livia stands out among the rest because of her dazzling intellect, her passion for civil rights and incredible personality. First, Anna Livia is a standout in the classroom with a 4.0 unweighted GPA and a 4.7 weighted GPA. Her favorite classes include Chemistry Honors, World History AP and HAmLit. She loves United States History AP because she enjoys seeing how the vision of the American Dream and people’s depiction of how America is and how it changes over time.

Her favorite school moments are the great, stimulating conversations you can get to have with classmates and teachers inside and outside of class. For college, Anna Livia’s top choices are Harvard and Swarthmore.

Acknowledging complexity and also flashing her brilliant personality, Anna Livia describes college: "I almost want to not like Harvard as much as I do, and be able to reject the whole superiority hierarchy deal it has going on but you can’t deny the intellectual potency you would be surrounded by, regarding both teachers and students, on a daily basis. What I love about Swarthmore on the other hand is that everyone seems quirky and multi-dimensional and loves the process of learning and the pursuit of knowledge. They all completely reject the game of school, a quality that is hard to find, yet is the upmost importance to me.”  Wow.

In college, Anna Livia plans to segue her passions and goals into her major of Political Science and sociology although she is also fascinated by gender studies and understanding how people, groups, institutions all think.

Outside of the classroom, if it’s possible, Anna Livia is much more accomplished in her pursuit of social justice and social activism.

She will tell you herself, "she could talk about this subject for hours…" But to paraphrase, Anna Livia is passionate about education reform, gender issues, the meaning of the word leader, and fighting for the unknowns, those that don’t currently have a voice.

Anna Livia pursues such interests as President of the Gay Straight Alliance, a member of "Everyone is Gay" advisor committee, and a Miss Representation steering committee with Santa Clara County School Boards Association.

It is clear the Anna Livia will accomplish all she is determined to do and with leadership, those unknowns will surely become known.

Congratulations Anna Livia! 

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