Meet Carly Cohen, Los Altos High's Student of the Month

From balancing work for the Haiti Solidarity Club to Class Council, Newspaper to Charity League and cheer team to the Sweet Shop, Carly Cohen does it all.

Carly Cohen, Los Altos High School Student of the Month. (Photo: MVLA High School District)
Carly Cohen, Los Altos High School Student of the Month. (Photo: MVLA High School District)

Los Altos High School is honored to announce our January Student of the Month, the incredible Ms. Carly Cohen.  

Primarily, she has focused her interests on working on the school newspaper, the Talon. Last year, she served as a staff writer and this year she works as the In-Depth editor. 

Additionally, she is an involved member of our Haiti Solidarity Club and is planning on going to Haiti on the club’s February trip. 

Carly has been involved in Class Council since freshman year and serves as treasurer of the class of 2015 this year. 

Since 7th grade, she has been a part of the National Charity League. Her freshman and sophomore year she was a member of our award winning cheer team. 

Carly somehow has time to work at the Sweet Shop. She has said that a large part of her attachment to Los Altos High School is because of the opportunities Talon has given her. 

Carly represents the very best about Los Altos High School and we are excited to present her as our student of the month.


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