Majority of Los Altos School District Students Have Advanced STAR Test Results

Data on the STAR test results was released Monday, with over 70 percent of Los Altos School District students boasting advanced scores.

Los Altos elementary and middle school students are ahead of the game—or test.

According to the California Department of Education, about 75 percent of Los Altos School District students have advanced scores on both the Math and English Language Arts sections of the annual STAR test.

The statewide standardized tests “measure students' progress toward achieving California's state-adopted academic content standards,” according to its official description. Every grade, from second through eleventh, is given a test customized to their level.

Covington Elementary boasted the highest scores, with 80.27 percent of students scoring ‘advanced’, and 11.92 percent scoring ‘proficient’. Even the lowest scoring Los Altos School District school, Springer Elementary, had 69.25 percent of students with advanced scores, and 19.80 percent with proficient scores. 

 located in Los Altos, and part of the , had 70.05 percent scoring 'advanced,' and 19.93 percent 'proficient.'

At Los Altos High School, 41.91 percent of students scored at an advanced level, and 24.31 percent scored at a proficient level. At , 40.18 percent scored at the advanced level and 25.39 percent at the proficient level.

At , in the Fremont Union High School District, 40.28 percent of the students scored at the advanced level, 24.47 percent scored proficient. , where many Los Altos High School students go to school, had the highest advanced scores among the high schools, at 57.01 percent, and 23.47 percent proficient.

In California, 53.5 percent of the 4.7 million students who took the STAR test scored proficient or advanced on the Math and English Language Arts round of STAR testing. For a breakdown of other districts in Santa Clara County and throughout California, see a searchable table of statewide STAR test results.

The following is the list of scores from the schools that Los Altos students attend:

Advanced Proficient Basic Below Basic Far Below Basic Almond Elementary 69.79% 20.71% 5.95% 1.49% 0.80% Blach (Georgina P.) Jr. High 69.11% 17.29% 8.46% 2.01% 0.50% Covington Elementary 80.27% 11.92% 3.56% 1.23% 0.27% Egan (Ardis D.) Jr. High 69.87% 19.35% 7.64% 1.70% 0.33% Gardner Bullis Elem. 70.00% 20.91% 5.91% 1.59% 0.45% Loyola Elem.  73.74% 17.13% 4.71% 1.82% 0.96% Oak Avenue Elem.  79.42% 16.02% 4.01% 0.28% 0.00% Santa Rita Elem. 70.45% 17.25% 5.91% 3.14% 1.81% Springer Elem. 69.25% 19.80% 4.31% 1.35% 1.45% Montclaire Elem. 70.05% 19.93% 6.44% 0.62% 0.62% Cupertino Middle 59.57% 22.67% 11.17% 3.87% 1.87% Homestead High  40.28% 24.47% 19.16% 9.94% 5.91% Los Altos High 41.91% 24.31% 19.06% 9.44% 4.21% Mountain View High 40.18% 25.39% 19.04% 8.73% 5.25% Henry M. Gunn High 57.01% 23.47% 10.48% 4.2% 4.21%

- Los Altos Patch Editor L.A. Chung contributed to this report

Rachel Stern August 17, 2011 at 09:45 PM
Thanks for your comment, Jennifer. Cupertino Patch just published an article about Cupertino test scores, inc. the two schools you mention, here: http://cupertino.patch.com/articles/cupertino-sparkles-with-star-results. You can also look up more test scores from neighboring schools at the link we provide before the chart.
Jennifer Lopez August 18, 2011 at 04:00 AM
Thank you, Rachel. I did click through that link when I read the article. However, it would be great not to have read two "Patches" or have to clink through to other websites to get all of my Los Altos news. For years the Town Crier has left out this segment of Los Altos (the neighborhoods bordered by 85, Fremont, Grant and Homestead as well as the Highlands) from its coverage and, as a lifetime resident, I have always found it really frustrating. I'm hoping Los Altos Patch can be more inclusive!
L.A. Chung August 19, 2011 at 05:43 AM
Hi, Jennifer: We'll try to rectify that in future coverage. You'll notice we also managed to leave out Cupertino Jr. High School and Homestead (both my alma maters which also have Los Altos students), and Mountain View High School, which has roughly half of its student population from Los Altos.
L.A. Chung August 19, 2011 at 07:28 AM
All scores are now on the table. I appended the schools from the other districts at the end. So, after Springer School, the last of the LASD schools on the list, you'll find the rest. They are not in alpha order, but they are in chronological order. I did not include PAUSD schools at the elementary level, but may in the future, when I get a census of LAH students in that district.
Jennifer Lopez August 19, 2011 at 02:40 PM
Thank you, Lisa. I really appreciate your responsiveness!


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