Los Altos Student Joins University ‘Strike Team’

Simpson University’s “‘strike teams” offers students a chance to participate in community service programs.

Logo courtesy of Simpson University
Logo courtesy of Simpson University

Thomas Fennell of Los Altos, was one of more than 100 students at Simpson University in Redding, Calif. to participate in community service through the university’s "strike teams" during the fall 2013 semester. Fennell is a psychology major. 

"Strike teams" at Simpson University began during the 2012-13 school year after the university's ninth annual Day of Service, where students served at more than 10 locations in the Redding area. With a heart for serving the local community, the university created an initiative to continue service year-round. Since September 2012, 74 projects have been completed. 

Hannah Dewater, one of the strike team assistants, served at 21 locations this semester. "My experience with the strike teams has challenged me to grow in the areas of service, leadership, and community awareness," she said. "We are able to come alongside people in their moments of panic, chaos and hurt, and provide loving help." 

Simpson University was founded in 1921. It has an undergraduate enrollment of more than 750 students and offers degrees in 27 majors. From its beginnings, Simpson University has sought to be a Christ-centered learning community committed to developing each student in mind, faith, and character for a lifetime of meaningful work and service. 

More information about the university is available by visiting its website

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