LASD Teacher Negotiations May Be Resolved Thursday Night

The school district is holding a special closed-session meeting, as closely watched teacher-administration talks continue.

The Los Altos School  District board (LASD) will have a special meeting Thursday night at 6 p.m. to discuss pending negotiations with the teacher and classified unions in the district, as well as a student expulsion.

The two discussions are closed from the public, but the meeting allows for the board to reconvene to public session. If the board takes any action during the closed session, it is shared to the public at that point.

As the state budget wrangling has continued, school districts like LASD have sought to raise revenue and cut expenditures everywhere it can. With the Weasure E parcel tax passing, and parents being asked to donate more, teacher and classified staff concessions have been sought.

At , the negotiations had no update, but parents and teachers both expressed frustration with the current situation. Parents feel “taken for granted” when the unions appear not to concede much, according to Joe Seither, new co-president of the Los Altos Education Foundation (LAEF). The teachers, on the other hand, said they feel they have offered a lot already.

The academic school year ends Friday and board president Bill Cooper had expressed hope that the negotiations be resolved by then.


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