Egan Jr. High's 8th Grade Sails Off

Graduation day meant the last day as an Egan Viking, a goodbye to one part of life, and hello to high school.


Wednesday was graduation day for Los Altos School District's two junior high schools.

First up, at 11 a.m., was Egan Jr. High.

Two hundred eighty names on the program, 280 lives about to change in the course of an hour.

Katherine Yen addressed the class with her talk, "Bridge in Life." Rachel Wolfe spoke on "Highway to High School."

The recipients of 31 awards were recognized, and then Evan Rebesque spoke on "Getting Us Ready." Katherine Xia spoke on the topic, "New Horizons."

Jon Hayman and Rosemary Garcia read the diplomas, that were presented by the Board of Trustees.

And then it was time to go.

"How do you feel?" asked principal Brenda Dyckman, invoking Egan's own brand of call-and-response that they learned in 7th grade.

"We feel good!" They shouted as one, arms shooting up in punctuation.

"Oh, we feel so good, yeah!"


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