Alta Vista High's Student of the Month: Cynthia Roldan

Nominators describes her as a 'responsible, thoughtful communicator and academic achiever' who embodies 'the highest ideals of an Alta Vista student.'

Congratulations to 's November 2011 Student of the Month, Cynthia Roldan. The provided the following text to Patch, which was written for this recognition. She was recognized at the Monday, Nov. 21 MVLA Board Meeting.

Cynthia's conscientious student with an incredible work ethic. She came to AVHS last spring because she fell behind in her credits towards graduation. Since her first day at Alta Vista classes, we've been able to count on her to be on task, diligent, to ask thoughtful questions, to get clarification and to be an example to her peers. Cynthia's now on track to finish all her graduation requirements by this February.

As staff we agree that Cynthia exemplifies all that we desire an Alta Vista student, not just as a student today, but what we want all of our graduates to be when they leave our school.

As we reviewed our Expected School Wide Learning Results and it occurred to us that Cynthia portrayed that student in every way. She's a critical thinker and effective communicator whose love of writing and thoughtful responses elevate the conversations in our classes. She's a responsible and self-directed young adult who demonstrates self-respect in her choices and sensitivity towards others in her words and deeds; and is an academic achiever who not only takes responsibility for her own learning, but cares about authentic growth.

Mrs. Bracamontes, Cynthia’s English teacher, says that, "Cynthia is a stellar English student who consistently earns extra points for extra work. Her work is excellent because she is thorough, thoughtful and insightful. I enjoy reading Cynthia's work because it shows a high level of regard for her studies. I have shared with Cynthia and her mother that I believe she will be very successful at the college level and I hope that she plans to transfer to a four-year university. Whatever Cynthia pursues after high school I am confident that she will be accomplished and successful. Cynthia is a special young woman who makes me proud to teach at Alta Vista."

Mr. Gutierrez, her social studies teacher says that, "In just the past couple of months, I have seen Cynthia grow as both a student and individual in my civics and economics class. Cynthia is such a dedicated student who desires to be successful in high school and beyond. Cynthia's work reflects deep, critical thinking; skills that will serve her well in college and in her future professional pursuits."

Today, Cynthia is a reserved young woman who has a quiet determination that might go unnoticed. As she gains confidence in her own voice and her peers mature to the point where they see the wisdom and true value of Cynthia’s example, Cynthia’s life will have a dramatic impact on those lucky enough to know her.

There is greatness in Cynthia: She is blossoming into a strong and powerful woman. A woman of remarkable inner strength outward confidence who desires to have integrity in all she does, and there is nothing as beautiful or beneficial than to see those life changing attributes at work in Cynthia’s life.

Congratulations Cynthia Roldan, Alta Vista High School's November 2011 MVLA Student of the Month!


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