Strategies for Easing Traffic Congestion Sought by Council

What ideas do you have to help find an efficient short-term solution to the inconvenient increase of cars on Mountain View roadways?

It's a Catch-22.

Less cars on Highway 101 during rush hour means lower commuting times; however it reminds residents of the Internet "bust" when fewer jobs existed in Silicon Valley.

On the other hand more cars on the highway signals jobs growth, especially in Mountain View's coveted North Bayshore area; yet they cause major congestion near highway on- and off- ramps.

How to manage its transportation woes in the Shoreline Regional Park Community was the focus of a city council study session on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

How would you help solve the transportation issues in the city?

A draft report from consultants Sustainable Silicon Valley showed that currently 61.3 percent of nearly 17,1000 employees at Mountain View's four largest employers commuted alone in a car to work. Another 25.4 percent took public transit or a company shuttle. Of the rest 6.4 percent carpools, 5.6 percent biked and 1.4 percent walked.

The city projects the number of employees to increase to about 27,600 employees by 2030 under the land use assumptions in the new General Plan. The highest estimate assumes an increase of 47,700 employees.

The goals or key principles of a Shoreline Regional Park Community Transportation study would be to develop multiple innovative strategies through a public-private collaboration to address short and long-term solutions into and with the area. The study would assess not just the strategies, but also funding options, the phasing and implementation of a plan, and additional steps.

Current strategies include (see attached .pdf for the entire staff report):

  • Improved Roadway Efficiency
  • Commuter Bus and Ridesharing Programs for Mid- to Long-Distance Trips
  • Expanded Transit Connections for Mid-Range Trips
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Program for Shorter Trips
  • Intercept Parking

One of the strategies proposes the establishment of a public-private collaboration of affected stakeholders to be called the Transportation Management Association.

The current estimated initial cost for the implementation of any of the proposed strategies could range from $250 to $500 million.


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Nelly potter October 18, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Bad Solutions 1 Increase the number of transportation like New York City, they have it all throughout the city. 2 Narrow Lanes for more Bicycles. Good Solutions 1 increase safety on the walkways, do not allows surfboards, bicycles on Walkways, unless they are just WALKING like the rest of us. 2 Switch Working Hours, some people start work from 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. Not all at one time. 3. Traffic Lights on Main Roads are too close and take toooooooo loooooong to change lights. Oooohps! I forgot, that when you stop and the car starts burning more gas then we are consuming more gas. Gas Business not having enough with raising prices now they also have traffic lights to help in the profits. Gas Businessess must be doing pretty good.
Claudia Cruz October 18, 2012 at 04:19 PM
I've never seen a surfboard on a city street! ;-) You've raised suggestions that others have thought of too, especially the flex time. Staggering when people start work could really help ease congestion ... The traffic lights are interesting suggestion too because getting people through the city fast is important to alleviate the stacking that occurs too. Looks like you definitely sit around thinking about this!
Vicki S October 18, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Stop approving more residential high density developments, which means more people and therefore more cars.
Michael Weiser October 19, 2012 at 07:54 AM
1. Manufacture and drive NCVs (narrow commuting vehicles) like the Tango. See www.commuter cars.com for more information on the car that makes the most sense for commuting. 2. Draw narrow "congestion highlights" on roads and bridges in known congested areas to alert motorists that NCVs, motorcycles, and bicycles will be riding on them during congestion. 3. Buy ad times on traffic talk radio to promote the safe use of NCVs, motorcycles, and narrow congestion lanes. 4. Allow driving on emergency lanes during congested traffic. Use NCVs, motorcycles, and bicycles as police vehicles.
Michael Weiser October 19, 2012 at 07:58 AM
I couldn't find a way to edit my previous post. Sorry for the duplication. The correct URL for the Tango's website is www.commutercars.com .


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