RESULTS: June 5, 2012 Primary Election

These are the unofficial final results of Tuesday's election with all precincts reporting. Updates are expected today and Friday.

Editor's Note: Patch will update results from the June 5, 2012 Primary Presidential Election as polling stations report numbers to the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters' Office. Results could change as provisional ballots continue to come in. Numbers have been updated as of June 9 at 12:01 p.m.

From a presidential primary to local bond measures totaling $513 million; Tuesday's primary election has far reaching implications for local communities, the county, state and nation.

Patch is tracking results for Santa Clara County and will update the chart below as soon as results become available.

For a complete guide to all the races, measures and propositions, visit Patch's .

Here are the results:

874 of 874 precincts (100%) reporting (i= incumbents)
Votes % Santa Clara County Supervisor: District 2 George Shirakawa (i)  24,010 100.00 Santa Clara County Supervisor: District 3

Dave Cortese (i)

39,263 100.00

Santa Clara County Supervisor: District 5

Democratic state Sen. Joe Simitian 38,345 58.29 Kris Huyilan Wang 15,058 22.89 Barry Chang 12,381 18.82    

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge: Seat 5

Paul Colin 122,094 55.31 Christopher E. "Chris" Cobey  62,561 28.34 Alexis Cerul 36,078 16.34

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge: Seat 7

Cynthia A. Sevely 164,226 74.51 Steven R. "Steve" Pogue  56,182 25.49 Congressional District 17 Mike Honda (i)
453,032 66.40 Evelyn Li 22,174 27.80 Charles Richardson 4,622 5.80

Congressional District 18

Anna S. Eshoo (i)

77,999 61.40 Dave Chapman 37,991 29.90 Williams Parks 5,900 4.60 Carol Brouillet 5,146 4.10

Congressional District 19

Zoe Lofgren 57,131 65.30 Robert Murray
23.00 Phat Nguyen 6,731
7.70 Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera 3,508

Congressional District 20

Sam Farr  56,026

Jeff Taylor

20,126 23.00 Mike Lebarre  4,459 5.10 Art Dunn
3.80 Eric Peterson
1,729 2.00 Ronald Paul Kabat
1.60 Dan Caudle 558

State Assembly District 24

Richard S. Gordon (i)
38,355 56.90 Chengzhi "George" Yang 19,214 28.50 Geby E. Espinosa 6,982 10.40 Joseph Antonelli Rosas 2,856 4.20 State Assembly District 25 Bob Wieckowski (i)
19,544 42.20 ArLyne Diamond 14,081
30.40 Peter "Primo" Mchugh 12,731 27.50 State Assembly District 27 Nora Campos (i)
32,106 70.50 Roger F. Lasson 13,441 29.50

State Assembly District 28

Paul Fong (i)
41,207 54.40 Chad Walsh 34,547 45.60 State Assembly District 29 Mark Stone 42,541 53.50 Tom Walsh 26,247 33.00 Bob Fultz 10,711

State Assembly District 30

Luis Alejo (i)

24,570 58.20 Rob Beronsky  17,626 41.80

State Senate District 13

Jerry Hill
67,672 51.00 Sally J. Lieber 30,000 22.60 John H. Webster 20,560 15.50 Christopher Kent Chiang 14,577 11.00

State Senate District 15

Jim Beall 64,864 55.60 Joe Coto 51,837 44.40

State Senate District 17

Bill Monning 95,776 58.20 Larry Beaman
68,648 41.80 U.S. Senate Diane Feinstein (i) 151,871
59.96 Elizabeth Emken 22,445
8.86 Dan Hughes 9,904
3.91 Democratic U.S. President Barack Obama (i) 129,804 100.00   Republican U.S. President Mitt Romney 54,295 73.47 Ron Paul 10,460 14.15 Rick Santorum 4,651 6.29 Newt Gingrich 3,085 4.17 Charles E. "Buddy" Roemer, III 808 1.09 Fred Karger 600 0.81 LOCAL MEASURES Measure A: Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, Flexibility in Control of County Jails to Ensure Cost-saving and Improvements of Efficiencies (Majority vote to pass) Yes 194,191 77.68 No 55,791 22.32 Measure C: Update of facilities and technologies at West Valley and Mission Colleges (55 percent vote required to pass) Yes  40,629 59.78 No 27,340 40.22 Measure E: Bond, Milpitas Unified School District, $95 million (55 percent vote required to pass)
Yes 5,264
64.10 No 2,948 35.90 Measure G: Bond, Mountain View Whisman School District, $198 million (55 percent vote required to pass)
Yes 7,122 67.53 No 3,424 32.47

Measure H: Cupertino Unified School District Bonds, $220 million (55 percent vote required to pass)

Yes 17,163 66.16 No 8,778 33.84 STATE PROPOSITION Proposition 28: Reduces the amount of time a person may serve in the state legislature from 14 to 12 years. (Majority vote to pass) Yes 179,922 66.72 No 89,727 33.28 Proposition 29: Imposes an additional tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products. (Majority vote to pass) Yes 181,853 65.56 No 95,548 34.44 Source: Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters *For information about statewide races, please visit the California Secretary of State

Sue Benjamin June 09, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Why are you reporting county numbers for statewide issues? The results you posted for the propositions are from Santa Clara County only. It is misleading. You should include a link that the true results are on the state website. Better yet, include both county and state results side-by-side. Look at your numbers for prop 29. You show it winning by a huge margin. But in fact, it's going down to defeat (sadly). Why not do a few more clicks and present all the facts?
Michelle Fitzsimmons June 10, 2012 at 05:34 PM
hi sue and thank you for your comment. our intent was to provide information on how county voters were voting in all races and in no way meant to be misleading. if you click on the link provided at the bottom of the chart for the California Secretary of State, you can see all the results for statewide races, and even for countywide races, that provide numbers for the whole state and not just the county. since we are a localized news source, we strive to report on what's happening in our immediate communities and to report on what residents in our area are doing, i.e. how they are voting. as you'll also see at the bottom of the story, we say Source: Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters. We've ben updating the numbers as they come in. Another update is due tomorrow.
Mason Mccarty June 10, 2012 at 07:13 PM
That’s democracy. If that's the way the majority of the 'people' vote then that's what the 'people' get. It's not like anybody is taking your vote away. When one party loses it simply means that they didn't sell their idea well enough to the people. If you believe your vote does not count and don't vote as a result then you are only creating a self fulfilled prophecy. Its not the other party's fault that you didn't vote. In Wisconsin Dems wanted Walker recalled. They’ve been a blue state since 1984. What happened? Republicans had higher numbers & 37% of union houses voted for Walker. Look what happened w/Gray Davis. We recalled him & elected Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican. Then again its not too surprising when you look at California political history. Since 1900 Republicans held the Governors mansion 15-5 (91years-21). As for the State legislature Republicans had total control from 1899-1937, partial control from 1937-1942, full control again from 1943-1956. That said 51 of the past 112 years were Republican controlled rule. Presidential elections Republicans were voted 23 out of 40 elections. Dems were voted for 16 times. Look at California on a county level. Most of the the state is red except for the coastal counties. So to say your vote doesn't count is a cop out given the history of our state. Trends change. Republicans had their time, Dems are having theirs right now and that could easily swing back thanks to our two party system. In other words...VOTE!
Summer Hemphill June 11, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski is a vocal supporter of medical marijuana & is in favor of legalization. Milpitas Vice-Mayor Pete McHugh has been a leader in the obstruction of our right to "safe & legal access" to medical marijuana by banning dispensaries. Hard to believe a guy named "Primo" would disregard the wishes of the majority of his neighbors when the issue is marijuana. Voters across America are rejecting candidates who put their anti-marijuana biases before the needs of their constituents. The latest polling shows 56% of Americans now favor legalization & politicians on the wrong side of this issue are increasingly joining the unemployment line. The voters are speaking,are you listening ? Read what former judges & police officers have to say on the LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) website. Or read NY Supreme Court Justice Gustin Reichbach's Op-Ed "A Judge's Plea for Pot" in the May 16th NY Times ! For up to the minute news "Toke of the Town" is the best website for timely marijuana information. Educate,legislate,litigate & berate until victory is ours !
Katheryn September 30, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Tell does this sound familiar, I have provided a link to a story on the Temecula Patch. Please read the story and watch the video in the story. http://temecula.patch.com/articles/citizen-reader-shares-mining-sounds


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