One Woman's Homage to Cuesta Park Annex

Love the wildness of Cuesta Park Annex? Remember the days when it was a typical sight around here? Say goodbye to all of that.

We reside in separate towns, but that's not how we live.

Mountain View and Los Altos are intertwined. One side of a street is Los Altos. The other side is Mountain View. We attend each others' schools. Sometimes you think you're in one city and turns out that you're in another, because of little pockets, left over from our orchard days. We grow to love places irrespective of the city boundaries. 

Like open space.

Elizabeth Chan, a resident of Los Altos, loves to walk through Cuesta Park Annex, soon slated for big changes.

She spoke at the Tuesday, Jan. 17 city council session to try and convince councilmembers not to approve the Santa Clara Valley Water District's proposal for a flood detention basin on the site. Chan walked over to each council member and showed them these pictures, which she took of the trees that she admires when she visits the annex.

The  and only some of these trees will be preserved. 

randy albin January 24, 2012 at 10:15 PM
this is pretty valuable land. it is a place to relax and hike or walk around there
John S March 04, 2012 at 01:59 AM
It's a shame that people will see an open space like this one and say to themselves "we should develop something here." First, Cuesta Annex survived becoming the location of the Mountain View history museum. Only a government can't destroy a piece of history by building a museum. Leave the annex alone.


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