Los Altos Hills Has Three Candidates For Three Seats, Now What?

A November Town Council election would have little to decide, so council members must meet to determine whether to appoint the three nominees or go ahead with an election.


What if they held an election and the outcome was already known more than two months in advance?

That is the distinct possibility for the Los Altos Hills Town Council race, after the Aug. 15 deadline to file candidate’s nomination papers came and went Wednesday afternoon.

There are three seats up for election. There are three candidates.

No drama there. So why hold an election?


The state Elections Code allows the Town Council to make appointments in such cases. The three nominees are Courtenay C. Corrigan, John Harpootlian and incumbent Mayor Rich Larsen. Incumbent Ginger Summit opted not to run for re-election, and Council member Jean Mordo termed out and cannot run again.

Town Clerk Deborah Padovan issued a notice shortly after the 5 p.m. deadline passed that the Town Council would hold a special meeting at 8 a.m., Aug. 23 to decide whether to appoint the three candidates to the Council or to conduct an election.

Padovan said the Town Council had budgeted $25,000 for the election, and she would calculate for the council how much the city could potentially save.

Saving money, of course, is not the only element considered when deciding whether or not to held an election, Padovan said, hence the City Council will have to discuss the matter.

If, by the 75th day before the election, no one has been appointed to the offices the election will be held, she said.


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