Nov. 15 is America Recycles Day so Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Now's a good time to get rid of that behemoth old tube TV, that stack of dusty magazines, clean up your act, and maybe even get a free Starbucks gift card out of it. Then take advantage of Starbuck's 2-for-1 offer!

Wondering what to do with that dead cow in your backyard or those dead batteries in your flashlight?

The Center for the Development of Recycling—a partnership between San Jose State University’s Environmental Studies Department and Santa Clara County—has an online tool to guide you on how and where to recycle anything from the dead cow and batteries to painted or stained wood waste and everything in between.

Nov. 15 is America Recycles Day so take part in it and use the tool if you find one of the few materials the City of Cupertino does not accept. The tool is easy to use: Scroll the list of materials to find the one you wish to recycle, click on it and it will move to a box on the right. When you have your list complete fill in your ZIP code and click on the “find results” button.

It will return a list of companies that accept the specific material, the company's location and/or phone number, website links, whether the material can be picked up or dropped off, and other useful information.

Batteries, for example, are accepted at several places in and around Cupertino. That dead cow is a little trickier. Four places accept dead cows and two of them have restrictions on the cow’s age.

Recycling is something that can be embraced as a lifetime commitment. Think the three Rs—reduce, reuse and recycle.

One way to reduce is to stop junk mail from being delivered to your home. The Bay Area Outreach Coalition offers a stop junk mail kit (see the attached PDF for more detail or visit www.stopjunkmail.org) to get rid of those annoying catalogs, ads, promotional materials and other unwanted mail that winds up in your recycle bin.

America Recycle Day includes events such as the one at GreenMouse Recycling in San Jose that is hosting a three-day recycle-athon between Nov. 15 and 17 with a goal of recycling 25,000 pounds of electronic waste. Recycle something with a screen, such as a laptop, monitor, television or cell phone, and recieve a Starbucks gift card. Then take that Starbucks gift card and a friend to the nearest store and take advantage of the 2-for-1 offer going on. It's a win-win!

Pam Marino November 15, 2012 at 05:27 PM
This is so helpful. I've needed that online tool many times. Time to get some stuff out of the garage!
Anne Ernst November 16, 2012 at 03:31 AM
I agree Pam, there are so many things I just put to the side just because I don't want to dump them in the garbage when I know recycling is better, but just not sure where to take them.
Bob M November 16, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Living in Cupertino we have several recycling options for most things. With the food waste recycling (all food scraps go into the yard waste container), the electronics recycling by dropping off at the Apple facility on Bubb, the expanded recycling that includes almost everything except certain plastics and the hazardous waste (yard chemicals, cleaners and solvents) recycling available for door front pick up through Recology/Waste Management called At Your Door I have used this several times) that only leaves things like major appliances and furniture. Clothing and usable goods can sometimes be given to charities and churches. All of this has cut our "trash" down to about one kitchen bag a week. And, I don't even consider us that "Green".
Frank Geefay November 17, 2012 at 02:30 AM
Since the advent of recycling my trash bin has gone from full to about one small bag of trash a week. It is good that food wast is now recycled. I have disabled my garbage disposal and dump all food wast into the wast bin. The amount of packaging material I recycle is still quite large. We need to reduce the use of packaging and the amount of junk mail further since recycling is also wasteful of energy and resources. But it is progress in the right direction. I have also used At Your Door for old paints, pesticides, and solvents. It's a great free service.


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