Huttlinger Group: Jeannie Bruins, Jan Pepper and Jerry Sorensen For Council

The Huttlinger Alliance for Education conducted candidate interviews, asked them to complete questionnaires, and attended candidate forums.


The Huttlinger Alliance for Education has endorsed Jeannie Bruins, Jan Pepper and Jerry Sorensen for Los Altos City Council. 

The Alliance reached its decision, according to its news release, "with a multi-faceted approach to learning the candidates’ views: Providing a list of questions to candidates for written response; Alliance leaders meeting with each candidate individually; Attending City Council candidate forums.

"In light of everything we learned about the candidates’ views on the issues, their track records of service to the community and their own perspectives on collaborating with other candidates, the Alliance endorses Bruins, Pepper and Sorensen," the group said.

The announcement from the Huttlinger alliance is attached.

Joan J. Strong October 15, 2012 at 03:19 PM
As a matter of fact yes, I would ask that everybody in our community take a look at the issue of the Palo Alto Daily Post from 10/11/2012. On the front cover was a candidate for Santa Clara County Education Board who has been openly critical of Bullis Charter School. The cover's headline read (I quote from memory): "School Candidate Runs Adult Blog". It goes on to hurdle more innuendo while at the same time carefully wording things such that its patently false story would have a chance in a libel suit. This is standard "character assassination" and it's sometimes found in the absolute nastiest, more deceitful political campaigns. This is what BCS will do in order to support Grace Mah, Dave Cortright's challenger in the election. Everybody should see this so they can know that BCS has brought our community to the lowest level of any school board political campaign in the history of our area. Now everybody in the Palo Alto area is wondering why what is by all accounts a wonky education policy blog has been labeled essentially a porn site, and why it was so important to talk about this on the front page of a newspaper. Maybe they don't understand that it's very likely ads for Bullis Charter School will appear there later this year (read: big ad dollars / quid pro quo). These are vicious, hard ball tactics perpetrated by supporters of BCS. Everybody should see what they are capable of. Oh yeah, and check out the "porno blog" here: http://kpao.org/ .
Joan J. Strong October 16, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Only about six months ago many of us LASD parents we were introduced to a defensive, ignorant City Council who seemed almost unaware that we had public schools in our town, dismissing LASD parents with disdain and suspicion. They followed this up by launching a war on our school district and its officials. The Huttlinger Alliance should be commended to for educating our candidates and making school issues front-and-center in this election. Clearly all of the candidates "get it" when it comes to schools and are willing to work with LASD to create a win/win for ALL of our citizens, including our youngest. Parents are a growing constituency and beyond shear numbers, it should be noted that parents here pump $5 million dollars into the local economy every single year with their donations. This is easily 10 times what is donated for all other local causes put together. It's great to hear that in this election, LASD parents are going to be far better off regardless of who gets elected. The heroes at HAE can take some credit for that. The issue with Bullis Charter School can be resolved quickly and painlessly if the BCS board agrees to curtail its new enrollment to siblings only while we all work together to build a new school campus. For this to work, we will need the cooperation of the Los Altos City Council as well.
Yetanotherparent October 16, 2012 at 05:17 AM
Joan, What are the parents going to do with their "shear numbers," cut everyone's hair?
Joan J. Strong October 16, 2012 at 06:11 AM
All LASD parents carry shears. It's not for hair, but it's really not known what they are for--it's a long-time tradition the origins of which have been lost to history. Hence the numbers of LASD parents within our town is often called the "shear numbers" denoting how many of these shears--and thus LASD parents--exist here.
Up on the Hills October 16, 2012 at 07:31 PM
If this is a joke, it is not funny. Also, parents "donating" $5 million every year? What are you smoking?


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