Annie's Update: Grading, and Sidewalks and Pavers

On First Street, the work goes on ... and of course, business owners work extra hard to keep their doors open—even if it has to be the back door.

Annie's Update on the continuing work on our favorite construction site, First Street, has this report on what to expect this week heading into Christmas. 

Each week, Annie's Update, more prosaically named "First Street Construction Update," lands in email boxes all over town. This service began when First Street construction ramped up five months ago. Each week Patch provides an abridged version of the update. 

To access the full report you can:

Annie reports that all First St businesses are open. To enter the dry cleaners and the fitness studio, patrons are directed to use the rear entrances in the Central Parking Plaza.

Also, these locations are open:

  • First St between State & Main St is open to cars in the southbound direction only while the new sidewalks are installed on the east side of First Street. It will be closed as needed during construction hours to protect pedestrians and workers 
  • The west side sidewalk is open

The following work is to be done over the next several days through Dec. 23:

  • Continue installing stone on long raised planted adjacent to State St
  • Install pavers on new sidewalk base on the first block of First St near Main St
  • Final grading and baserock installation for new sidewalk between State and Central Parking Plaza
  • Set concrete forms and install rebar for new sidewalk
  • Pour concrete for new sidewalk (two pours)
  • Install irrigation lines and valves for new landscaping
  • Install electrical conduit along First St for irrigation and up lights
  • Begin ground work for installing signal lights for First and Main intersection


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