Open Letter to the City Council: About First and Main ...

Four downtown property owners with a long history in Los Altos urge the city to require developer Jeff Morris to 'develop a premium project for our community,' in an open letter to the council and the community.


March 19, 2012

Dear Mayor Carpenter, Mayor Pro Tem Fishpaw, Councilmembers Casas, Packard, and Satterlee, and the Los Altos Community:

Re: A Premium Development for our First and Main Downtown Gateway 

“A destination restaurant… upscale retail national chains… Class A office space… two or three 5,000 square foot retail spaces” – Los Altos City Councilmembers hoped Jeff Morris would provide these when they approved his option to develop the important First and Main gateway to our downtown.

The City Council has the legal contractual power to require that Jeff Morris develop a premium project for our community.  

The Morris Option Agreement provides: 

“City is entitled to approve or disapprove the Basic Concept Drawings, Design Development Drawings and Construction Drawings in order to satisfy the City’s obligation to promote sound development, to promote a high level of design which will enhance the City’s downtown area, and to provide an environment for the social, economic and psychological growth and well-being of the citizens of the City.” 

“Developer shall not be entitled to any monetary damages or compensation as a result of City’s disapproval of or failure to approve or disapprove the Basic Concept Drawings, Design Development Drawings or Construction Drawings.” (Option Agreement Section 304.4)

The Los Altos City Council and community have the legal contractual power, and responsibility, to require that Mr. Morris provide a premium project for the important First and Main gateway to our downtown.

Let’s get a premium gateway development to our downtown.


Kim Cranston, Bill Maston, Bart Nelson and Kent Nelson


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