Who Abandoned The Roosters?

Los Gatos Patch reader Chigiy Binell found these roosters by Lexington Reservoir.

Los Gatos resident Chigiy Binell found two abandoned exotic roosters Sunday afternoon near the Rowing Club's boathouse on Alma Bridge Road overlooking Lexington Reservoir.

Now she and her neighbor, who is temporarily caring for the birds, don't know what to do with them. They're also wondering who would leave the beautiful feathered friends out to fend for themselves in the town's back country.

Binell said she thinks the roosters could be Silkies or a cross between the Standard Brahma and Araucana breeds.

The Los Gatos Patch columnist and avid blogger said she found the birds after driving around the back side of Lexington Reservoir after dropping off her son at the boathouse.

"It was raining and they just stood there hudled together in the rain waiting for whoever dropped them off to come back. I thought it was sad so I called my husband and told him about them and he took my youngest son and went and picked them up against my better judgement," Binell said. "Now we are stuck with these two gorgeous roosters.

"We can't keep them because the dogs I watch will eat them."

Binell has a dog sitting business and explained that's the reason she gave the birds to a friend who cares for chickens but she wants to give them to animal control officials or another organization who might get them adopted.

"Dogs and roosters don’t mix," Binell lamented. "I am almost positive that someone dumped them because they are young. They probably just started to crow and whoever had them wanted chickens not roosters. People do this a lot."

Santa Clara County Vector Control officials said they don't handle roosters and suggested Binell contact the San Jose Animal Care Center, whom the town contracts with to provide assistance in situations like this.

"We don't handle roosters here. We are primarily in the field abatement group, but we do address rodent issues, wilflife issues like rescues of skunks, coyotes, the ocassional bobcat," said a vector control employee who declined to be identified.

Julianna Arreola, an office employee for the San Jose Animal Care Center, 2750 Monterey Rd., said Binell and her friend are welcome to bring the roosters to the facility free of charge. The center is open for drop-off of stranded and lost animals until 9 p.m. every day.

—Read more about the roosters' story on Binell's blog laughingattheground.com. If you're interested in adopting the roosters or know of an agency that would take them, please email Binell at Chigiy@earthlink.net.

Chigiy Binell October 08, 2011 at 05:41 AM
A gentleman came by today and took both boys home to his chicken farm. He thought they were beautiful. Thanks for posting this story. It saved the roosters.
Brad Hayden October 08, 2011 at 08:03 AM
Like I said, I'm no expert. Its hard to tell age through the picture but they were so healthy looking that I knew they had not been fought yet but I have seen fighting cocks with the same coloring as yours. Glad you found a good home for them. About your dogs though, trust me when I say that most dogs will stray given the chance. Doesn't take much for them to wander off if the sheer number of lost or found dog notices around my neighborhood can be believed. Huskies are the worst, being very closely related to wolves. Rescues are more likely to stay put because they've been out there and they know an easy meal when they get one. My current dog is a case in point. She is an alaskian husky, but she won't run off because she's a rescue. I picked her up at a park in Los Banos when I lived there. I took her in, made her a part of my pack and she's been a loyal companion ever since. I have the only husky that I know of that won't take off when you take the leash off. My neighbor had chickens, one used to stand on the fence all the time. it eventually got into my back yard and while Shadow did her best to corner and investigate the chicken, the chicken was having no part in it and the race was on. I've never seen a chicken move as fast as that one did. They must have done ten laps around the yard. It finally found a safe place where the dog couldn't get to it and that's when I called the dog off. She wasn't interested in eating it, just smelling it.
Sheila Sanchez October 08, 2011 at 02:33 PM
Dear Chigiy, yay!! Our feathered friends found a home! :) I'll be calling you to get the details. It's time for a follow-up story. Thanks for being kind to animals and for letting us know about this interesting tale. You've got one big heart.
Michelle October 09, 2011 at 06:01 PM
What a big heart you have. They are beautiful. So happy they found a home thanks to you. Michelle C.
Ricardo Furioso October 10, 2011 at 03:45 PM
The mighty power of Craigslist found a valiant boy's foundlings a new home. Hurray for the boy. Hurray for the adopter. Hurray for Craigslist.


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