Top 5 from the Los Altos Police Log: Sept. 20-21 Wire Down, Suspicious People

A mishap at Second and Main streets (no surprise) and a stranded motorist also took place Tuesday.

The following information was supplied by the Los Altos Police Department and reflect how incidents were initially reported. Wherever arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not mean a conviction. A more complete report will follow on Saturday.

1. Wire down: 7:38 p.m., Lunada Drive and Laureles Street; referred to Santa Clara County Fire Department.

2. Hit and Run: 5:19 p.m., Main Street and Second Street; no injuries, report taken.

3. Accident: 2:11 p.m., S. El Monte Avenue and Covington Drive; no injuries, no report.

4. Suspicious people:

- 2:04 p.m, 13 S. San Antonio Road; officer responded, person gone on arrival.

- 4:03 p.m. 97 Hillview Avenue; officer responded, person gone on arrival.

5. Stranded motorist: 6:23 p.m., Foothill Expressway and S. El Monte Avenue; officer responded and assisted getting vehicle off roadway.


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