This Week from the Los Altos Police Log: Jan. 23-26, Marijuana Found at Elementary School

Further details and locations on incidents from this week's blotter.

The following is provided by the Los Altos Police Department and Sgt. John Korges. Mapped incidents reflect block number only to protect the privacy of residents. Where arrests are mentioned, they do not indicate convictions. 

Wire down

Jan. 23, 10:23 a.m., Plaza Central and Second Street; report of a wire down, referred to fire department.

Informal bookings

Jan. 23, 1:38 p.m., 1 N. San Antonio Road; informal booking, supplemental report filed.

Jan. 23, 3:47 p.m.; 1 N. San Antonio Road; informal booking, supplemental report filed.

Found property

Jan. 23, 4:23 p.m., 700 Los Altos Avenue; a bag of marijuana was found outside the multipurpose room at  report taken. 

Jan. 26, Miramonte Avenue and Altos Oaks Drive; found property, report taken.

Injured deer

Jan. 24, 6:21 a.m., Foothill Expressway and Edith Avenue; injured deer, animal services contacted.


Jan. 24, 12:02 p.m., 4880 El Camino Real; petty theft at Hunan Home's Restaurant, report taken.

Jan. 25, 2:33 p.m., 1400 block of Marlbarough Avenue; gardening tools were stolen, report taken. 

Jan. 26, 3:52 p.m., 400 block of Old Oak Court; fraud, MasterCard had been used to purchase items, report taken.


Jan. 23, 1:26 p.m., 400 University Avenue; a woman slipped on something in the parking lot, minor complaint of pain, no medical treatment necessary, report taken.

Jan. 24, 2:56 p.m., S. El Monte Avenue and Foothill Expressway; a woman with a minor injury came into station on her boyfriend's suggestion, found out a report was not legally necessary and declined to make one. 

Jan. 26, 2:52 p.m., Arboretum Drive and Fir Lane; a vehicle came off of Fir Lane and was hit by southbound car on Arboretum Drive. Victim complained of pain. Report taken.

Lost property

Jan. 25, 5:25 p.m., State Street and Main Street; lost property, report taken. 

Driving without a license

Jan. 26, 10:23 a.m., 988 N. San Antonio Road; driving without a license, citation issued.

Gas leaf blower complaint

Jan. 26, 2:03 p.m., 900 block of Covington Road; gas leaf blower complaint, no citation issued.


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