Shoreline Rave Concert Noise Complaints Trigger Apology From City

City officials acknowledge noise levels were “significantly more than anticipated.”

Getty Images.
Getty Images.

Noise levels at this years's annual Beyond Wonderland rave concert exceeded what was anticipated or expected for a Shoreline concert, Mountain View officials said.

The city released a statement acknowledging it received a large number of noise complaints.

City officials attribute the decibel spike to a stage configuration.

Patch received an email from a reader over the weekend who said the concert seemed louder than it had been in recent years in multiple locations.

The concert drew complaints from people in Mountain View and nearby cities such as Palo Alto and Sunnyvale, a Mountain View Police Department spokesman said.

About 90 people were arrested on suspicion of mainly drug-related crimes over two days of communal-style "rave" concerts in Mountain View that drew an estimated 50,000 people,

The statement included an apology for inconveniencing local residents.

“This was the first time the site has had three stages in the lower level parking lots facing three different directions and the amount of sound that traveled through the City was significantly more than anticipated or normal for a Shoreline concert,” the statement read.

City officials met with Live Nation, which manages the venue, after receiving a large number of complaints on Saturday, the first day of the concert.

Live Nation adjusted the configuration, on Sunday, which resulted in fewer complaints, however city officials acknowledged the sound wasn't completely contained.

“The City and Live Nation have agreed not to use the same stage configuration in the future,” the statement read. “Again, we are sorry for the loud noise over the weekend.”


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