LAH Crime Prevention Forum 6 p.m. Tuesday

Concerned about the recent incidents in Los Altos Hills? The Sheriff's Office is presenting tips on measures you can take and statistics about trends on LAH.

Maybe now is a good time to get to know your neighbors.

With a few unrelated and unusual incidents over the past few weeks, including a , and on public street, some residents are a bit on edge.

"We just want to make ourselves available and provide information so that the public knows how to best protect themselves and prevent from being victims," said Capt. Ken Binder of the West Valley division. 

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department can show you how to set up a neighborhood watch group, and provide other crime prevention tips Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in Los Altos Hills Town Hall.

Sheriff's deputies will talk to residents about:

  • the recent incidents 
  • overall crime trends in LAH 
  • how to set up a neighborhood watch group, crime prevention tips
  • Town law enforcement resources
  • any other public safey issue 

Some measures involve "doing the little things that can cause some burglars to move on to the next house," Binder said. 

Besides keeping doors locked, it means having appropriate lighting around the house, "and looking out for your neighbor," Binder said. 

There are some existing neighborhood watch groups in Los Altos Hills, Binder said, and deputies will provide tips and information for neighborhoods deciding whether to form a group. Deputies are talking to one resident already. It can be useful, for example, if you go on vacation, to know that neighbors are on the lookout for unusual activity.

For questions before the meeting, contact the Town Clerk at (650) 941-7222


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