How Much Would the Payroll Tax Cut Save You?

Report released by Rep. Anna Eshoo details estimated savings for local workers.

Residents of Santa Clara County could pocket a decent amount of cash from a payroll tax cut extension, according to a Congressional report out Thursday by the Joint Economic Committee.

The study, released by Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Palo Alto), details how much money people in the 14th Congressional District would keep in their pockets if Congress extends the payroll tax cut. The extension is part of legislation being discussed by the Payroll Tax Cut Conference Committee.

An average local family with two workers in Santa Clara County would keep $1,429 this year, according to the report. That’s compared to $1,423 for San Mateo County and $925 for Santa Cruz County. The average California family would keep $1,042.

“This report underscores how important it is for Congress to extend the payroll tax cut for ordinary Americans,” said Rep. Eshoo.  “One thousand dollars will go a long way to help families pay their bills and put food on the table.  Congress can and should reach a bipartisan compromise to extend this vital payroll tax holiday for 2012, providing families with an essential injection of cash.”

The report includes a county-by-county breakdown of the additional take-home pay for California workers.

“Many economists have observed that failing to extend the payroll tax cut would slow economic growth this year and cost the economy jobs,” according to a statement Thursday by Eshoo’s office.

Bob Peterson February 07, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Wht about the SS no longer trust fund. Congress stole this back in the 60's to fund their special little feel good stuff. How much do they owe us SSI folks who paid into the system for 60 years? This phoney tax cut doesn't mean much at all. you noticed that she didn't say how much these folks are making. How much will the minimum wage workers get out of this.


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