District Attorney: Inconsistencies Plagued Complaint Against Sandoval

Santa Cruz County District Attorney announced Monday his office will not file charges against the San Francisco Giants' star.

Allegations that San Francisco Giants player Pablo Sandoval sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman in June were rife with inconsistencies that made it impossible for investigators to corroborate her version of events, the Santa Cruz County District Attorney announced Monday.

District Attorney Bob Lee said his office will not file a criminal complaint based on the allegations against Sandoval, 25, nick-named "Kung Fu Panda."

The woman, a local resident, reportedly met the Giants All-Star third baseman at Motive, a nightclub in downtown Santa Cruz. They went back to Seascape Resort in the Aptos beach area. 

Last week, the . 

The D.A.'s Office reviewed the Sheriff's Office investigation and agreed there was insufficient evidence to support prosecution or arrest, according to Lee. That investigation included interviewing witnesses, serving search warrants, reviewing security camera video tapes, text messages, toxicology reports and analyzing physical evidence.

"The nature and number of the complainant's inconsistencies leaves us unable to establish her version of events beyond a reasonable doubt," District Attorney Bob Lee said in a prepared statement released Monday.

"Nothing from the physical evidence and other witnesses helped corroborate her story. All the evidence that might be relevant to the contested issues of force and lack of consent is simply inconclusive."

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