Cops Nab Two for Baby Formula Robbery at Walmart

The male suspects allegedly stole Similac, Ensure and Huggies diapers—and it may not have been their first time.

Two San Jose men spent Sunday night in jail for allegedly stealing baby products from Walmart, law enforcement officials reported Monday.

A loss prevention officer at the big-box retailer on 600 Showers Dr. allegedly observed on Oct. 28 between 5:15 p.m. and 5:29 p.m. Kenneth Tran and Tuong Do put items into a tote bag and in a cart, according to the Mountain View Police Department police spokesman Sgt. Sean Thompson. 

"They believed they had been stealing and were stealing," Thompson said, adding that the security guards thought the suspects had stolen from that Walmart in the past.

As Tran, 48, moved toward the store's front door another loss prevention officer attempted to stop him, explained Thompson. The loss prevention officer in the surveillance room observed Tran struggle with the second guard. Tran, however, got away and the guard loss sight of him.

The focus then switched to Do, 49, who was approached by the loss prevention officer has he also walked toward the front door. Do initially denied stealing anything. He was asked to a back office by the security guard, but continued to walk out.

The loss prevention officer lost sight of both Tran and Do. However, he was able to flag down MVPD Officer Dave Fisher, who then broadcasted the description of the suspects over the radio.

MVPD officers located Tran seated in a vehicle on the 2300 block of California. Do managed to get a little further—he was detained on S. Rengstorff Street and Central Expressway near the Mi Pueblo Supermarket, according to Thompson.

The items recovered from Tran—who was arrested for robbery, burglary and conspiracy—included Similac, Ensure and Huggies baby diapers. Do was arrested for burglary and conspiracy.

Does it surprise you that the items stolen were baby products?

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Margaret Harada Mori November 03, 2012 at 08:40 AM
What did they steal before? Unless they are stealing huge quantities of baby food & diapers to resell/ profit from, they & some hungry, unclothed infant are in need. A sad indictment of the state of our society.
Margaret Harada Mori November 03, 2012 at 08:54 AM
Was there really no way to talk to them; redirect them to agencies who could assist them? I wouldn't feel this way if they were carting out fancy t.v.'s, smart-phones, & electronic toys for themselves. Who is the victor?


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