City, Police Increase Speeding Mitigation Efforts

Whether it's California or Castro Streets, drivers should be aware of more enforcement on Mountain View roadways.

On three occasions in 2012 pedestrians have died after being struck by vehicles on Mountain View streets.

As a result, the Mountain View Police Department warns commuters that their traffic team will ticket speeding or reckless drivers, whether it's on California Street or Grant Road.

But apparently those are not the only incidents that have occurred recently. The Parent Teacher Association at Graham Middle School reports that on Friday, Oct. 5, a student, while on his way to school, was struck as he rode his bicycle on Castro Street. They plan to have a at the school's multipurpose room.

Patch once asked readers which intersections were the worst for drivers in Mountain View. How about pedestrians or cyclists? Have those changed? Increased? What suggestions do you have for the city?


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MV Resident October 13, 2012 at 11:23 PM
What's that I hear? Yes, another accident at California and Escuela. And here comes the fire department. 4:21 PM 10/13/12 It would be also helpful if they would activate the lights that have been up for months now. Two sets of lights does nothing but cause more confusion.


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