Yelp reviews public school teachers

I think it is time to raise the bar and create a social media website such as where every public school teacher is reviewed. I was just lied to in an IEP and think teachers need to be reviewed in social media in our  community.. So much would clean up in less then 14 days if we were reviewing our teachers in the elementary, middle and high school level. We want to hold our children to a standard it is time we hold the teachers too! To clean up schools turn the cams on the teachers and do reviews of them. I can guarantee things will get very positive with awesome results. Has any one heard of any free service that is reviewing teachers???????
blog mom September 04, 2013 at 09:21 PM
I wish there was a site that was used regularly for teachers K-12. Most of the sites I have seen are not used on a regular basis (ratemyteacher.com, etc.). I have a child in middle and a child in high school. I have seen my share of teachers who have been HORRIBLE, OK, and GREAT. Unfortunately, GREAT is few and far between. Many have been OK and many have been HORRIBLE. I think we should be able to share our experiences with other parents, unfortunately, it's mostly by word of mouth. The HORRIBLE teachers need to be exposed and addressed by the schools but they don't. The contracts are set up in such a way that it's difficult to get rid of ineffective teachers. The system as it's currently set up really is a disservice to the kids when ineffective teachers are retained (they can't be fired; only unless they do something major like molestation or abuse but even that is administrative leave with pay during an investigation). It's frustrating as a parent to have my hands tied and not have the ability to change my child's teacher. I would at least like to inform parents of future classes of the potential pitfalls they will be facing with a particular teacher.
grail September 04, 2013 at 10:31 PM
WOW thank you for writing that for I believe it does take a community to raise and educate a child and sharing our experiences raises the bar ... We do it re: hotels, coffee houses, sales men, realtors and even in the election for president ... It is a great idea to lift the veil. They do it in law school with professors we could do it right here in Los Altos School district if parents would could step up ... We have the resources, the skills, the education, lets raise the bar for the children now and the future !!!!


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