The Weekend's Weather, In Tweets

In Los Altos, the stormy weather was the most eventful one yet. Read along!

Over the weekend, we had a wet one! The wind blew. The rain fell.

A fallen tree that knocked out power gave someone to Tweet about, all right. Watch the storm prediction, and then watch the Tweets unfold...

Rob Mayeda ‏ @RobMayeda Transition from all rain/wind to scattered showers and thunder should occur around noon/early PM

KF JC ‏ @KFJC897fm Due to a power outage, KFJC 89.7 FM is currently off the terrestrial airwaves. You can still tune in online  10:03 AM - 31 Mar 12 

NBC Bay Area ‏ @nbcbayarea As the storm moves through our area there are several small power outages. P G and E power outage link #cawx#nbcbayarea http://pic.twitter.com/bg7JkEdo 10:25 AM - 31 Mar 12 

KF JC ‏ @KFJC897fm It was a downed oak tree that put us off the air earlier this morning.#yeahright 10:26 AM - 31 Mar 12 

KF JC ‏ @KFJC897fm A downed oak tree is being cleared and power should be back to KFJC's transmitter site "within the hour." Stay...http://fb.me/1vzM7RbVX 10:37 AM 

LAMVPB Webmaster ‏ @lamvpb #hotupdate All Pinto-1 games cancelled 10:41 AM - 31 Mar 12

LAMVPB Webmaster ‏ @lamvpb #hotupdate Spelling help - cancelled or canceled? Advice appreciated - getting much practice 10:42 AM - 31 Mar 12 via web 

Mat Snider, II ‏ @sidearm_slider @lamvpb 2 L's

LAMVPB Webmaster ‏ @lamvpb  #hotupdate P2 games at 11:30 cancelled 11:18 AM - 31 Mar 12 

Tim Burks ‏ @timburks oh, the frailty of Los Altos city power... (we're out)

LAMVPB Webmaster ‏ @lamvpb #hotupdate All Bronco games cancelled 10:56 AM - 31 Mar 12 

KF JC ‏ @KFJC897fm Power is back up. You can now listen to KFJC the old fashioned way, on 89.7 FM, or at http://kfjc.org 11:43 AM - 31 Mar 12 

LAMVPB Webmaster ‏ @lamvpb  #hotupdate All P2 games cancelled,11:28 AM - 31 Mar 12 



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