New Year's Resolution: Save Water

Lake Shasta at 37 percent
Lake Shasta at 37 percent
This is the driest year on record. Our economy and our lifestyle depend on better management of our state's most precious resource: water. 
Let’s each make a New Year’s resolution to make a permanent water saving change to our lifestyle.

Here are some ideas:
- replace lawn/landscaping with California native plants or just mulch
- install a greywater system; use laundry water for your landscape or use shower & sink water for flushing toilets; a simple bucket can capture shower water for toilet flushing
- install a rain harvest system to use for your landscapes or laundry or toilet flushing
- replace old inefficient appliances
- schedule a free water-wise house call from your water company
- encourage your neighbors, friends and council members to save water
- there are new software systems that track your water use (similar to programs for energy use). Demand from your water company more information on your water usage.



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