Middle School friends design products & become entrepreneurs!

It’s like the real world in the classroom. 

Research tells us middle school students who are not passionate about learning will most likely graduate high school unsure of their options for the future. 

In our digital world, learning fundamentals require a shift from basic literacy to MAKING MEANING. Today's youth will grow up working in global professional environments fueled by voluminous information. To succeed, your children must be able to practice analytical and creative thinking and transform information to value. 

At MYNERALS, we elevate students’ strengths and awaken their passions. We connect academics with design entrepreneurship. 

Mynerals courses are hands-on, in-depth, and interdisciplinary. Through fun and socially interactive simulations in the form of games, improv, the arts, projects, experiments, building, and designing for business and social challenges, youth participants learn to see the importance of academics as design entrepreneurs. 

Friends create a business together

Youth teams design and build products that are sold in the Mynerals online marketplace. In a supportive and challenging learning environment, your child will learn to tap into his/her talents, build confidence, and thrive! 

Give your child a ticket to their future: A learning experience built around their voices, curiosity, and passions. 

*Tween- a person who is between the ages of 9-13 years old. As a demographic, these are children in-between being a child and a teen.


Check out the summer courses this summer at Mynerals, a Silicon Valley Company  www.mynerals.com


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