Los Altos Tweets About an Oak School Girl's Book, "Natalie's Lice Aren't Nice"

Foothill College is on a fall tour for architectural buffs, a Farmers Market vendor dines at Aldo's, and some speculate on what Los Altos businesses may decamp to the new San Antonio Center, all found in the Twitter stream, in or about, Los Altos.

Lots of little nuggets about Los Altos and Los Altos Hills in the Twitter stream this week. Check below and see what we see at Patch.

And for the Los Altos trivia buffs out there, check out #16. Just why would Chef Chu's have a signed Justin Bieber poster in the bar? 

A free canvas Patch bag to the first correct answer!

Sept. 3:

1. booklib2011 Books For Your Life  book-lib.com/natalies-lice-… #foothill #college #head #liceNatalie's Lice Aren't Nice

 2.  LosAltosRotary Los Altos Rotary  This week's program on Thurs 9/8 will talk about our 2016 Club Vision. Come peek into the future! 12:15 Shoup Park #Rotary #LosAltos

4. firstandmain First and Main  Now serving PEETS Coffee! Open @ 9:30 AM on the weekends for football. Serving a NEW Breakfast menu. Join us! fb.me/H8IZtGXk

Sept. 2:

5. jimfenton Jim Fenton  Walked thru @BumbleLosAltos after dinner. Really nice place to sit, chat, and have light meal. Looking fwd to returning. #losaltos

6. javahound Warner Yuen @ @jdetroye Was a sheriff deputy. Hired gun to enforce the laws of the wealthy. #LosAltosHills.

7. Bumpyknight David J. Baumgartner  Check this video out -- Foothill College Physics Showyoutube.com/watch?v=Wl79ns… via @youtube Another slice of my Alma mater,Go OWLS! Beat de Anza!

8. docomomo_us DOCOMOMO US  #TourDay Countdown: @docomomoNOCA and SAH tour FoothillCollege. An innovative approach to campus design.http://ow.ly/6kbaR

Sept. 1: 

9. CalHiSportsBA CalHi Sports BayArea  Robert here shooting Lynbrook hosting Los Altos girls vball updates to come

10. CaFarmersMkts CA Farmers' Markets  Los Altos CFM: Tonight's specialties at the market include Muscat Grapes, Emerald Mist Pluots a... dlvr.it/jp23W #farmersmarket

11. gmmebakery g:m:me|bakery  Just after a lovely dinner at Aldo's in Los Altos- great food & friendly service! Matt is still talking bout the vodka pancetta penne

Aug. 31: 

12. AliciaInMtnView Alicia C.  Based on a few conversations, starting to wonder if some #losaltos businesses will move into the new San Antonio development 

13. wfm_losaltos WFM Los Altos  Whole Foods Market - Los Altos is turning 5! We're hosting a fundraising BBQ that will benefit the Whole Kids... fb.me/Mmv8NnfK

14. Scotchdragon0 マジカル☆スコにゃん  ブログ更新しました!見に来てね~ タイトル: Foothill College placement test fc2.in/rgAUjd

Aug. 29:

15. SFNick Nick Turner  It's never occurred to me before, but Los Altos Hills means "The Hills Hills." Who thought that was a good idea?

Well, duh...

16. KJDolls beautiful disaster.  Just saw a @justinbieber poster (signed!) at chef chu's...

Audrey Crowley September 05, 2011 at 03:05 PM
Larry Chu's son, John, is a movie director and did the Beiber movie "Never Say Never".
Mary Cruz September 05, 2011 at 04:16 PM
"Los Altos Hill" does not mean "The Hills Hills" It correctly translates to: "The High Hills"
L.A. Chung September 06, 2011 at 04:25 AM
@Audrey Crowley! You are collecting Patch bags left and right! Lawrence Chu's third son is named Jonathan, but we won't quibble. He is the director of "Never Say Never," and several other films that feature dance. Email me at lachung@patch.com to collect your bag (or perhaps we'll just meet at a school board meeting again) <grin>
L.A. Chung September 06, 2011 at 04:46 AM
@MaryCruz, I always think it's a shaky proposition that something will make sense when it's a name place mixed in two languages. In this case, @SFNick's sense what happens when you translate "Los Altos" and and add "Hills" is correct -- it's redundant in meaning. "Los Altos: means "the heights," or "the highlands," and used to refer to the ranchos in the area, Rancho San Antonio and Rancho La Puríssima Concepción. In that way "The Heights Hills," or "The Highlands Hills" are pretty darn redundant. Usually you get such nonsense when you mash English and another language together. Some easy examples are "El Camino Way" in Palo Alto and "La Avenida Street" in Mountain View where Microsoft has its big campus.
Avni Nijhawan September 06, 2011 at 05:26 AM
Speaking of redundant... "chai tea latte" anyone? Gotta be one of the worst.


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