10 Anti-Aging New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Start off the New Year with a bang by making the following changes to your daily routine.

2012 is officially here. The beginning of another year typically means new starts as well as an ideal opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions. While traditional resolutions of losing weight, eating healthier and vowing to exercise are all great picks, consider adopting the following anti-aging resolutions to help keep you young and vibrant for the years to come.

1. Partake in a new sport: Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, so get out of your exercise rut and find a new activity to participate in such as Tai Chi or tennis. Not only will it increase your physical health, but you will meet new people and widen your social circle.

2. Plan a vacation: Plan a trip to somewhere new—somewhere you have never been before. Perhaps a trip to another country, a cruise to Alaska, or a weekend along the Oregon Coast will be enough to renew your passion for life. The Los Altos Senior Center offers organized trips if you are interested in traveling with a group.

3. Meditate: Meditation reduces stress by teaching you to switch off from the worries that can plague you through the day. It is an opportunity to spend time by yourself reconnecting with your inner spirit. Spend 15 minutes a day meditating and you will reap the rewards of a relaxed and calm mind.

4. Make your home safe: Each year, one in three adults over the age of 65 falls and sustains an injury. Many of these falls are preventable, especially if home safety tips are implemented. Tips like moving cords out of walkways, having good lighting near beds and taping down edges of carpet and rugs can help to decrease the number and severity of falls for seniors. The program can help you get your home “safe”.

5. Read a self-help book: Self-help books can empower you by giving you the tools you need to control of your own destiny. The skills and methods you learn while engaging in the self-help process are likely to be helpful across many different aspects of your life.

6. Eat sea vegetables: Seaweed offers the broadest range of minerals of any food and is an excellent source of the B-vitamin folate and magnesium, as well as an excellent source of iron, calcium and the B-vitamins riboflavin and pantothenic acid. In addition, seaweed contains significant amounts of lignans, which are plant compounds with cancer-protective properties. Sea vegetables can by purchased at in Cupertino.

7. Schedule doctor visits: Unfortunately, with age comes an increased risk of illness and other complications such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis and other medical conditions. Making sure that you schedule a regular annual checkup can help in early detection and prevention of many diseases.

8. Eat dark greens: Dark green vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli can help with weight management, reduce your risk of several types of cancer and provide you with many nutrients your body needs—specifically vitamins A, D, C and E. Aim for three cups of leafy greens a day.

9. Challenge your brain: Keep your mind in top shape with games, puzzles and brain teasers. Games such as these rely on logic, word skills, math and more—all which help the brains speed and memory. For maximum benefits spend 30 minutes a day on brain related activities. 

10. Commit to laughter: Research has shown that the health benefits of laughter are far-ranging. Studies have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness and even increase immunity. Rent a funny movie, get together with friends or go to a comedy club to enjoy a little laughter.

Ann Krueger Spivack January 10, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Aracelly, I love this list -- it's so encouraging. I think it applies to everyone, seniors and younger.


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