Peninsula Girl's Poetry Makes Learning California History Fun and Philanthropic

Madeline Park's poetry book is available on Amazon; proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the Peninsula Humane Society.

Poet Madeline Park and her pet bearded dragon, Spike. (Photo Credit: Michelle Park)
Poet Madeline Park and her pet bearded dragon, Spike. (Photo Credit: Michelle Park)
Written by Joan S. Dentler

For most elementary students in California, fourth grade is synonymous with California history. Fourth grade social science curriculums are designed to teach kids a bit about the everything from the Spanish colonial period and the early missions to the Gold Rush and railroads. Teaching the vast history of California to young kids is a tall order, but an industrious Belmont fourth grader has come up with creative new teaching tool.  

Nine-year-old Madeline Park has written and illustrated a book of poems that captures the important events in California history in a fun, catchy way.

Madeline's book, "The Early Years of California: A Book of Poems," embodies the very spirit of early Californians---the industrious, the creative, the entrepreneurial, the philanthropic. 

Proceeds from the sale of Madeline's book, which is available on Amazon.com, will go to the Peninsula Humane Society-SPCA. 

The poetry collection details important events in California history between the years 1810-1850. Madeline's mom, Michelle Park explains that the book may be used in conjunction with fourth grade California social studies.

"It’s a cute little book and is a fun way to learn the major events in California history from 1810 to 1850 as every fourth grader in California has to do!" Michelle told Patch. 

Madeline, who is home-schooled, says she wrote the poems for a social studies assignment. 

"Social studies is a hard class for me and these poems really helped me learn it.  I will be donating any money I get from selling this book to the Peninsula Humane Society because I also love animals. I have a pet bearded dragon named Spike," said Madeline. 

In addition to being a published poet, Madeline is also a musician and a fencer.

"My hobbies are to sing and play with my toys. I am also a fencer. I sing in the San Francisco Girls Chorus and I fence at the Peninsula Fencing Academy in San Carlos," said the 9-year-old. 

Madeline's pet lizard, Spike, clearly factored into the girl's decision to donate the proceeds from the book to the local animal shelter.

"I hope to make a lot of money for the Peninsula Humane Society for all the lizards that are still there. 

This book will help fourth graders understand California history better because it makes it fun," said Madeline. 

To take a closer look, or, to order Madeline's book on Amazon.com, click here


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