Hurray! A Storm! Upload Your Pictures!

With the first big storm of a late season Los Altos Patch fondly remembers the gulley-washers of last year and encourages you to share your photos of the coming storm.

Better late than never.

The rarest of phenomena of the Winter of 2012 is going to visit.

After drizzling and glooming up the skies for the last few days, Mother Nature is finally supposed to deliver a real, live rainstorm.

It's a batten-down-the-hatches, get-out-your-tarps kind of storm, the forecasters say.

Last year, Los Altos Patch readers such as John Day uploaded pictures of the deluge that swelled Adobe Creek and filled our reservoirs. As a tip of the hat to that spirit we encourage you to keep an eye out for good weather pictures in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, and share them here.

We've provided a few of Day's photos from last year to remind you of the feeling of stormy weather (smile) and to get you started.


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