Fun Books for the Tween Girl

As tweens have more and more activities competing for their time, it is still important to encourage them to read.  A recent study out of University of London found that reading for pleasure was found to be more important for children's cognitive development in secondary school than the influence of their parents.  Like you need me to tell you reading is important!

This week I am focusing of the tween girl.  The first book I am profiling I found quite fascinating.  I would actually encourage parents to read it as well.  I think you and your daughter could have some interesting discussions around the topic of virtual worlds.  The other two series I am recommending this week are what I define as "beach reads."  These are fun books with smart girls, lots of action and little innocent romance on the side.  Perfect reading for holiday break.

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Title:       Bubble World

Author:   Carol Snow

Target:    Grades 6 and up

Series:     No

What this book is about:
Fressia Summers lives in Agalinas, which is somewhere off the California coast, but where, Fressia is not exactly sure.  Her life is ideal.  She shops, goes to class (when the munchies are good) and attends parties well into the wee hours of the morning.  However, one day she wakes up in an unfamiliar place.  She is sitting in a lounge chair and staring in the mirror at a girl with bumpy skin and frizzy hair.  It turns out her parents have put her in the virtual world of Agalinas to get a superior education, and to help her socially.  Instead she has been living in a world outside of reality where no real learning takes place.  As the true nature of Agalinas is exposed, Fressia’s (or should I say Francine’s) virtual and real world is shaken.

Why I love this book:
While I definitely saw some of the flaws in the book, I thought that the story was compelling, unique and it totally engaged me.  Perhaps I still remember what it was like to struggle in middle school and not feel particularly pretty or popular.  The idea of a place where all that goes away, I found quite intriguing.

I found Fressia’s challenges true to life.  The fact that she is so willing to go back to Agalinas when the opportunity presents itself, seemed very appropriate.  Real life is hard and when you are young, an easy out feels very compelling.  Fressia is also quite self centered at times, but given the world in which she has spent two years of her adolescence, it seemed appropriate.

Who this book is for:
Really interesting book for girls.  As much fun as it is to leave reality for a while, in the end, home is thankfully the more fulfilling choice.

Final thoughts:
The lyrics to Barbie Girl kept playing in my head the whole time I was reading this book!

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