Santa Sightings A-Plenty. Here's Why

There were Santas who dropped into Peets with a helper, and the gaggle of Santas on the Caltrain platform. What gives? SantaCon.


Comic-Con, Dragon*Con, and this time of year, of course ... SantaCon. 

Santa Justin Barozie of Cupertino and Helper Chrystal Campbell of San Jose, turned some heads at Peets on the Cupertino-Los Altos border on Homestead Road Saturday morning.

A hour later you could Santas massing on Caltrain platforms, such as the group of 20 or so waiting for the No. 429 train due at 11:19 a.m.

They were enroute to SantaCon SF, a gathering of Santa-suited revelers who traverse through San Francisco, handing out candy-canes to tourists and residents, and, well, bar-hopping.

They havd a a hashtag, #SFSanta.


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