San Antonio Road Redesign Work Starts Nov. 28

Tree removals and infrastructural repair work for this major artery, between Middlefield Road and U.S. Highway 101, means only one lane in either direction will be open, and the public should expect delays during weekdays.

San Antonio Road's redesign starts its second phase of a major upgrade in a few weeks, and the public should expect some delays during construction, the city of Palo Alto warns.

Construction on San Antonio Road will begin Monday, Nov. 28, between Middlefield Road and U.S. Highway 101. The project will include new landscaping, irrigation, medians, curbs and gutters, repair of uplifted sidewalk and driveways, and street repaving. 

Crews will begin by removing existing pine trees that have been deemed too large or have severely damaged the road and sidewalks. Notices of the tree removal will go up Monday, providing the community the requisite 14-day notice.

One lane of traffic will remain open in each direction of San Antonio Road at all times, in order to minimize traffic disruption. The city is warning drivers to expect some delays during construction between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays for about one year.

This phase of construction comes after similar work was completed on San Antonio between Alma and Middlefield. Prior to that work, which was completed last year, city staff engaged in public outreach for every aspect of the project, including landscape design and traffic management.

The project overview, including artist renderings of landscape designs, is available in the sidebar.

San Antonio road has seen a lot of action this year, with and last week's announcement that the School District is .


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