Los Altos Runners At the Boston Marathon

Nine runners were registered to run in the Boston Marathon, including five who finished. The American Red Cross has a site to register if you are 'Safe and Well.'


A day of celebration has turned into tragedy and chaos as two explosions take place about an hour after the first man crossed the finished line in Boston Monday. The explosions reportedly killed two and injured dozens.

The Mercury News' reporter Daniel Brown reported that Los Altan and Runners World founder Bob Anderson, who completed his first Boston Marathon, had an emotional reunion with his son, Michael, in their hotel lobby.

According to the Boston Athletic Association website, nine Los Altans registered for the race. Five had already posted results between nearly three and four hours after the start of the race.

  1. Bob Anderson, 65, Los Altos, official time: 3:32:15
  2. Michael Anderson, 37, Los Altos, official time: 4:00:34
  3. Robert Dunkle, 66, Los Altos 
  4. Jeffrey F. Hamel, 37, of Los Altos, official time: 2:58:15 
  5. Jason G. Hurst, 42, of Los Altos
  6. John D. Johnson, 60, of Los Altos, official time: 4:09:23
  7. Paul B. Johnson, 30, of Los Altos, official time: 3:20:53
  8. Chandra Ramamoorthy, 57, of Los Altos
  9. Larry Sanderson, 38, of Los Altos


None were listed from Los Altos Hills in the Boston Marathon's searchable database

If you need to let family and friends know you are safe you can register on the American Red Cross' site Safe and Well.

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