Bullis Charter School: New Year, New Ideas, Please!

Only a few ideas so far? Los Altos Patch is continuing to solicit your thoughts about solving the BCS facilities issue. We'll publish beginning Monday. Submit yours.


Wouldn't it be nice if we started out the new year with a new perspective? Or two, or three, or more?

While the year is new, and everyone's had a good rest, Patch wants your ideas for resolving the Bullis Charter School facilities question.

Think of this request as a thoughtful letter to the editor to express an idea and contribute to the effort to make 2013 a year of progress. Ideas could simply be a different approach, a location, a full-blown plan—but not a quips or a comments ("Just follow the law," for example).

We may not solve anything, but we can try ... and create some positive spirit around the question, in the least. We'll publish as many ideas for different aspects of the facilities issue as we can.

Submit via email to losaltos@patch.com Basic rules of civility apply, ideas should be forward-looking and be constructive. Please, use your first and last name. No initials or "statement" handles.


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