What's Your Olympic Google Doodle Score?

Have you tried Google's daily Olympic game? Show us a screenshot your best score! Share how you did and win bragging rights!


For the last several weeks, the Google search homepage has had Olympic fever.

From a javelin thrower to a fencer, and a synchronized swim team the Mountain View-based company has sought to honor Olympians and their achievements with creative Google Doodles.

On Tuesday, however, the Google Doodle got playful—and competitive.

It started with hurdles. Users soon found that the Aug. 7 doodle wasn't just animation. It was a game. Try it: After the animated hurdler gets into position, the user can press play. Hitting the side arrow keys make the runner run faster. The space bar makes the hurdler jump. Sounds easy? Think again!

For Wednesday's Doodle, the user helps a basketball player shoot hoops. Again, looks easy, but the user has to successfully shoot balls in the basket against a shot clock.

Thursday's Doodle is a slalom canoe trying to race through the guideposts and avoid rocks that will slow him down.

Friday's Doodle allows the user to play goalie in a soccer game, kicking or batting away a series of balls aimed for the goal posts.

Try them. And try not to get addicted. Show off your best score with us by grabbing a screenshot of your score (Mac users: Shift+Command+4 and drag the boundaries) and upload it to Los Altos Patch. Then add your name in the caption and the game. If you can't upload a screenshot, add your score in the comments section below.

Game on. Let's see who in Los Altos has the best score.


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L.A. Chung August 11, 2012 at 10:40 PM
@Manish, way to go! I tried the basketball doodle and could only get 6!!!


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