"What Should Go Here?" Gets An Upgrade

We're re-starting the “What Should Go Here?” column later this week—but with a new twist.


Editor's note: Los Altos Patch introduces Michael Hsueh, who will be giving our intermittent “What Should Go Here?” column a makeover. Later this week we’ll be restarting it, in a new iteration. Here's an introduction from him.

For those who haven’t read them, the “What Should Go Here?” column features a vacant retail store in Los Altos and asks readers what you would like to see there.  

This time it’ll have a new twist. In the past, the article’s purpose was mostly to engage readers and perhaps someone in the community would use the information to attract a new business to fill those vacancies.

However, this time we’ll be asking readers to submit their suggestions on Spotmojo.com, a website where I’m a co-founder.  Spotmojo is a website where you can suggest the businesses you want in your neighborhood. We use that information to try to attract those businesses here. We also provide the information to commercial property owners and brokers so they can use it to attract businesses.

Spotmojo’s goals are to give the community a voice in the types of businesses that open in their community and help local businesses succeed by finding a location where there’s strong demand for their services.

We look forward to hearing what people in Los Altos want and to help fill some of these vacancies.


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