'On Your Mark' the Readers' Choice

The runners' store on Main Street leans into the tape, edging past the bike stores this week in our readers poll.


 broke ahead of the pack to take the Readers Choice poll this week for the sporting goods store of choice.

Patch thought readers would choose classic sporting goods stores, which are not found in specialty-heavy Los Altos. Readers, however, eschewed the general sporting goods stores found in nearby Mountain View, and Palo Alto and clamored for the local specialty shops.

Very quickly, it became runners vs. cyclists. jumped ahead in the beginning. The non-traditional bike store, filled bike lights, helmets, commuter bike wear and even several bicycles, garnered the most votes until On Your Mark began its final kick.

On Your Mark ended the week with 37 percent of the vote, while 359 State Street had 29 percent. 

Honorable mentions go to and , two more bike stores, all flanking the Foothill Expressway, who got 11 percent each.


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