Beach Boardwalk's Hurricane Blows Out of Town

Monday was the last day of operation for the Santa Cruz icon. It's heading for New Mexico.


Thrill seekers at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk rode one of the park's two roller coasters for the final time today.

The Hurricane will be taken down to make way for a new roller coaster slated to open next summer, boardwalk officials said. The Hurricane opened at the boardwalk in 1992.

An estimated 40 members of the Northern California chapter of the American Coaster Enthusiasts met at the Boardwalk Sunday to take a final ride, and get a special briefing from Boardwalk staff about the new ride.

After its dismantling, the Hurricane will be shipped to New Mexico to become part of the Western Playland Park, which purchased the ride, officials said.

"The Hurricane has been a great ride for the Boardwalk," said Tom Canfield, vice president of operations. "It served us well, but we're extremely excited to get a brand new ride that we know our guests are going to love."

The new roller coaster that will replace the Hurricane is called "Undertow" -- a spinning roller coaster where the cars spin as the coaster moves. "A spinning coaster is a very unique ride experience, we know our visitors are going to love it," boardwalk community relations director Kris Reyes said in a statement.

"Every ride on Undertow is different, you can definitely expect the unexpected."

The 50-foot high roller coaster is expected to go up to 40 mph and includes 1,410 feet of track.

It is slated to be ready for riders by summer of 2013.

The Undertow will join the Giant Dipper roller coaster, which opened at the Boardwalk in 1924.

- Bay City News


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