At Risk? Take the Identity Theft Test

Los Altos Police get an identity theft case just about once a week. In order to to protect yourself, first see what you already know.

Are you at risk for identity theft? The Los Altos Police Department often hand out this identity theft quiz for residents to check their knowledge of how to protect their identities.


Test Your “Identity Quotient”

  1. ___ I receive several pre-approved credit offers every month (add 1 point). Add 2 more points if you do not shred them before putting them in the trash.
  2. ___ I receive several convenience checks in the mail (from credit card companies every month (1 point); Add 2 more points if you do not shred them in the trash.
  3. ___ I carry my Social Security card in my wallet
  4. ___ I do not have a locked, secured mailbox or P.O. Box in which to receive mail. (1 point)
  5. ___ I leave mail for pickup in an open box at work, clipped to a mailbox or in an unlocked box at my home (2 points)
  6. ___ I carry my military ID or Medicare card in my wallet at all times (1 point)
  7. ___ I do not cross-cut shred banking shred banking and credit information when I throw it in the trash (2 points)
  8. ___ I provide my Social Security Number (SSN) whenever asked, without asking how that information will be safeguarded or why it is necessary for them to have it in the first place (2 points)
  9. ___I don’t check for people who might be listening when giving out personal information.

10. ___ My SSN is publicly displayed or used for work or school (timecards, receipts, badges) (1 point for each)

11. ___ I carry my insurance card in my wallet, and either my SSN, or that of my spouse, is my insurance ID number

12. ___ I have not ordered a copy of my credit report in at least 1 year (2 points). Add 1 more pint if it has not been done in more than two years.

13. ___ I do not believe people would root around in my trash looking for credit or financial information (1 point)

14. ___ I am connected to the Internet but I do not have (or  know if I have ) firewall protection (two points).

15. ______ Sub-total


Subtract 1 point from your score for each of the following positive steps:

  1. ____ I have opted out of marketing lists through my bank or at the 888-5OPT-OUT number.
  2. ____ I keep an eye on my credit cards whenever they leave my hands to avoid skimming.
  3. ___ I do not respond to Internet scams and hang up on telephone solicitors
  4. ___ I keep personal identifying information in a locked or protected area of my home, one that visitors cannot access.
  5. _____ Sub-total


#15 _______ - #5________ = _________



10 – 20 Points: You understand identity theft crime trends but still have a way to go.

0 – 9 Points:  Congratulations. Keep up the good work and don’t let your guard down.


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