Foothill Crossing

Sightings at Foothill Crossing in south Los Altos, Tuesday, February 8, 2011. Late afternoon.

Ryan DuVal, the muralist who created the boy looking out the window, was born in Los Altos and graduated from Los Altos High School. His website is ryanduval.com.

Tom Harrington, the owner of Foothill Crossing, is a longtime Los Altos Hills resident and a fan of Canary Island palms.


Los Altos Patch presents "Viewfinder," a weekly photo gallery of images in and around Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. Go Rural columnist Pam Walatka, who learned photography from her father at a young age, will turn her attention to parts of Los Altos and themes each week.

"As someone who grew up in south Los Altos, I always appreciate it when someone sees something interesting in my old stomping grounds."       

—Los Altos Patch Editor L.A. Chung

WillBFrank September 06, 2012 at 02:11 AM
THE ONLY SIGHTING HERE RECENTLY IS YOUR NEIGHBOR'S OR YOUR CAR GETTING TOWED! Anyone who think this is friendly neighborhood place should think twice. The property owner (Tom Harrington) is towing customers cars out of the parking lot if you stay too long!! It will cost you $300+ to get your car back after they tow it to south Sunnyvale. According to Los Altos police (who are receiving a ton of complaints) they have towed out at least 60 cars since June (at least 2 per day)! So don't think about coming here to shop or having a leisurely coffee at Peet's. The property owner wants to reduce having too many cars are in the parking lot by indiscriminately towing his loyal patron's cars if they are in his lot over 90 minutes. He is about to solve his problem because soon the parking lot will be empty, as word gets around on the Internet and the local papers and customers take their business elsewhere. STAY AWAY!


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