The 5 Browns Bring Modernized Classical Music to Flint Center

The 5 Browns, a famous quintet of five Juilliard-educated siblings, will perform Saturday night and offer Patch readers a 10 percent discount.


This Saturday night, five Juilliard graduates from the same family will present their fresh take on piano music in Cupertino, a town where many children take piano lessons.

Dubbed the "Fab Five" by People magazine in 2002, the 5 Browns play classical music with so much youthful energy that they attract the teens and 20-somethings that classical concerts generally have difficulty getting. 

The five musicians of the Brown family are all under 35. In descending order of their age, they are Desirae, Deondra, Gregory, Melody, and Ryan.

"The Flint Center's reputation precedes it, and a great hall always makes the performer's job a million times more fun," said Gregory Brown. "Besides that, we're looking forward to soaking in the energy of Apple's home base."

"Each of the five of us owns at least one of their products," he added. "It will be fun to be performing in a city bustling with such vibrant excitement. Classical music and computers, two of our favorite things laced into one tour date!"

Not all of the five siblings will be on stage this Saturday night. Desirae will have her fellow Juilliard alum Stephen Beus substitute for her due to her pregnacy and February due date. Beus once won the Juilliard School Concerto Competition.

The 5 Browns’ Flint Center program will include classical numbers such as Rondo alla Turca and The Rite of Spring. They will also play fan favorites including Over the Rainbow: Fantasy for Five Pianos, Atonement, and many more.

The Saturday concert will start at 8 pm. Tickets are $30-$60. Patch readers can get a 10 percent discount by entering ”5BROWNS10“ when purchasing tickets on line through either TicketMaster or the Flint Center.


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