Steve Jobs Film Crews Coming to Los Altos

Will there be Ashton Kutcher sightings? Indie biopic of Steve Jobs' life will shoot the early scenes in his childhood home and garage, where he and Steve Wozniak developed the first Apple computer.


Get ready, residents of Crist Drive.

If the small stream of tourists looking for Steve Jobs’ childhood home have been a minor annoyance over the years—from zany Italians filming anything through the windows to visitors from around the country—just wait ‘til June, when the crowds show up, waiting for a glimpse of star Ashton Kutcher.

Five Star Feature Films announced via PRNewswire Friday that it “will film early scenes in the actual Los Altos home where Jobs grew up and in the historic garage where he and Steve Wozniak founded Apple.”

Five Star and Executive Producer Mark Hulme launched the independent biopic on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs last August, and announced in early April that Kutcher would play the Apple co-founder.

With the working title of “jOBS,” (as in iMac, iPod etc.) the film sets out to cover Jobs’ life from 1971, the year he graduated from Homestead High School, through 2000.

Marilyn Jobs, , still lives in the modest 1,793–square-foot home, that hasn’t changed its original look much over the years. Jobs’ adoptive parents, Clara and Paul, passed away in 1986 and 1993, respectively. 

This is the first of two Steve Jobs films that are being made. The second is by Sony Pictures, which bought the film rights to Job’s official biography by Walter Isaacson last fall, and Monday announced that Aaron Sorkin, who won a Oscar for “The Social Network” would write the screenplay. Then Sorkin said Thursday that Sony hired Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to provide technical advice on computers and personal insight into Jobs. Five Star came right back on Friday with its announcement about filming in Los Altos.

So, expect the onlookers to gather, hoping to see Kutcher, the way . After all, they may grab a bite to eat nearby. Being all the way in south Los Altos, the closest choices are , or maybe even food on the run at . So be ready, patrons of Foothill Crossings, and along Grant Road.

There are other ways to catch a glimpse of Kutcher. If you want to sign up for a drawing to be an extra in the film, the jOBS movie website has a form under "sign up."

Yvonne Cornell May 20, 2012 at 03:44 PM
This was not his childhood home, but the home of his teenage years. Remember, the Jobs moved to this home in Los Altos so that he could attend Homestead High School. Moving here was a financial stretch for the family. But yes, Apple Computer Company was formed here in 1976.
L.A. Chung May 20, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Actually, they moved here because he had skipped grades and was getting bullied at Crittenden in Mountain View being so young. He started at Cupertino Jr. High School and being 11 at the time, I don't think it's that much of a stretch to call it a childhood home. It's well under the age of majority.


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